Hiram College

This spring, the Vachel Lindsay Poetry Contest was held through the Department of English and the Lindsay-Crane Center of Writing and Literature. The winners – selected for the best poem or group of two or three poems – are as follows:

First Prize:  Lauren Parker ’14

Entry comprised of :
“What Can You Use a Poem For?”
“I’ve Finished Screaming Now; This What I Want”
“Sitting Naked on a Bench”


Second Prize: MaryAnn Hudak ’12

Entry comprised of :
“Live Bait”
“Loving Luna”


Third Prize: Shelly Allamon ’13

Entry comprised of:
“The Death of a Dream”
“Pediatric Surgery Unit: a Waiting Room”


Honorable Mention: Olivia Hess ’12

Entry comprised of:
“Independent Study”
“There are some who…”


Honorable Mention: Brendan Curtin ’13

Entry comprised of :
“Dumpster Cats”
“Such a Girl”
“Missing Him”


Honorable Mention: Alex Gardner (Weekend College)

Entry comprised of :
“Cascade Valley, Akron, OH”
“A Guy Killed Himself in Our House”

The entries were judged by Patrick Moran, a poet, translator and essayist, whose work has appeared in the Boston Review, Hunger Mountain Review, Crazyhorse, Beloit Poetry Journal, North American Review, The Writer’s Chronicle, The New Republic, Poetry Daily, The Iowa Review and many other publications. His collection Tell a Pitiful Story will be out in Fall 2011. He is an Associate Professor of Creative Writing at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.