Hiram College

In November, Hiram College was fortunate to provide a free COVID-19 testing clinic to the Hiram community, which was conducted by the Ohio National Guard.  We are pleased to announce the National Guard has tentatively agreed to return to campus all day on Friday, January 15 and test our entire community in the Coleman Center before classes start. The Hiram community will be tested on that day.  

Residential students should plan to return to campus on Friday, January 15.  Once a student is tested in the Coleman Center, they will receive their key and can return to their residence hall room. Commuter students will also be required to be tested for COVID-19 on Friday, January 15.  We will send out a sign-up form  and further instructions  via email in mid-December.

We had a very successful beginning of the year, so we need to repeat our protocols  from Fall semester  for the Spring semester. 

1.  All  students should plan to quarantine at their homes for 14 days before returning to campus on January 15.   

2.  We will also have a “campus stay” period for two weeks when the semester starts, which will require residential students not to travel off campus except for essentials. 

3.  The dining hall will return to the to-go meals only for this two week period of time, and kitchenettes in the residence halls will be closed for the first two weeks of the term. 

While there is always some uncertainty with the pandemic, we plan to re-open the residence halls Friday, January 15 when we do campus-wide testing.  We will celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, January 18 with programming on campus. Classes will resume Tuesday, January 19.

Liz Okuma, Ph.D.
Vice President & Dean of Students