Hiram College

LaShawnDa L. Pittman-Gay, minority dissertation fellow in sociology, won her second post-doctorate in March, 2010, this one in the research and training program on poverty and public policy at the National Poverty Center (NPC) at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. This comes after she was awarded the National Science Foundation (NSF) post-doctorate in January 2010.

After commencement in May, Pittman-Gay will head to Michigan for one year for her National Poverty Center post-doctorate. “I will start it September 1 and stay there for a year,” she explains, “working on a book manuscript, additional research and academic publications. I will then head to Atlanta to complete my NSF tenure at Georgia State University in August 2011.”

NSF awarded eight post-doctorates this year and NPC awards one every couple of years. “I’m still trying to catch my breath,” Pittman-Gay says. “More than anything I am happy that it keeps America’s poorest families on the map.”

For more information on the NPC program, click here. www.npc.umich.edu