Hiram College

Mark Taylor, associate professor of physics, recently attended an international workshop on computational physics in Leipzig, Germany, and will remain in Germany for the month of December, carrying out research with collaborators in Halle and Mainz.

Taylor gave an invited lecture on Nov. 25 at the 12th annual International NZT-Workshop on New Developments in Computational Physics (CompPhys11) in Leipzig.  From Leipzig, Taylor travelled to Halle, Germany and is currently at the Martin-Luther-Universität.  He presented his recent research results at a Polymer Physics Colloquium in Halle on Nov. 29.

Next week Taylor will travel to the Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz, where he will remain for several weeks. He will give a Condensed Matter Physics Seminar in Mainz on Dec. 20.  While in Germany, Taylor will also be working on two manuscripts that include student co-authors Pyie Phyo (Kauk Kauk) Aung ’13 and Yuting Ye ’12.  The manuscript with Aung is on the topic of partition function zeros and phase transitions of a polymer chain, while the manuscript with Ye concerns solvation potentials and chain conformation for a polymer in solvent.