Hiram College

Hiram physics major Pyie Phyo (Kauk Kauk) Aung ’13 presented results from his recent research (carried out with Associate Professor of physics Mark Taylor) at the March meeting of the American Physical Society held February 26 – March 2, 2012, in Boston. The March meeting is one of largest annual gathering of physicists in the world and provides a forum for presenting new research results in all areas of condensed matter physics.

Aung presented a poster (coauthored with Taylor) in the polymer & soft matter physics poster session titled “Partition function zeros and phase transitions of a square-well polymer chain.” This work studies phase changes of a single polymer chain, analyzing the basic physics behind both environmentally responsive “smart materials” and biopolymer conformational transitions such as protein folding. This research project was funded by Taylor’s research grant from the National Science Foundation, Division of Material Research.