Hiram College

On Feb. 22 the Intercultural Forum (IF) hosted its annual IF Show and Dinner. The show had a variety of performances, which included a fashion show, poem reading, singing, dancing and more.

Here are just a few photos from the cultural event: (All photos by Kasey Samuel Adams.)

Awele Nwike ’14, Cynthia Aburime ’15 and Gloria Ogundare ’17 show off traditional clothing as part of the opening fashion show:

The African Drum Class, which is open to students and community members, played their drums, while several of the students performed an African dance:

The African Drum Class

Yahan Zhang ’14, accompanied by Nan Hu ’15 (not photographed), sang Shang Ye, a modern Chinese song based on a traditional Chinese poem:

Chinese song

The Hiram cross country team performed a traditional Japanese Dance. They were accompanied by their coach, Professor of Accounting Earl Kissel, who got the crowd going by singing Japanese lyrics:

Hiram Cross Country team with Coach Kissell

Molly Jukes ’15 and Tshewang Phuntsho ’14 were two of the students who took the stage to dance to a modern Bhutanese love song:
Students Dancing

Su Latt ’15, Soenam Yandon Tobjur ’17, Gloria Ogundare ’17, Mai Myat ’17 and Rebecca Wright ’15 performed a traditional Burmese dance:

Burmese Dance

Martinique Mims ’14 and Ashanti Shurat ’15, president of IF, performed an African dance, which was adapted from various African Cultures:

African Dancing

The last performance of the night included all of the performers singing Imagine by John Lennon:

Students Singing