Hiram College

The Garfield Scholars used their spring break to travel to Panama and study the topic of “Panama and Globalization.” The group spent three full days in Panama where they met with businessmen, the Minister of the Presidency and professors to discuss topics related to globalization. Panama proved to be the perfect place to study this topic because the country itself is highly globalized. 

Take a look at their experiences through Scholar photos:

Day One

Day 1 Photo 1

On the first full day of their trip, the students met with Hiram alumnus Eduardo Enrique Morgan ’84 and his family, who run the Morgan and Morgan Group (MMG), a top law firm in Panama. The meeting took place at MMG’s new Eco Tower.

Day 1 Photo 2.0

The Scholars got to see a bird’s eye view of Panama City from the MMG Eco Tower and the F&F Tower.

Photo for site 2

View from the MMG Eco Tower.

Day 1 Photo 2.5

Students overlooked the highly globalized city from several skyscrapers.

Day 1 Photo 3

The Scholars took a walk around the Old City before meeting with the Minister of the Presidency Roberto Henriquez.

Day 1 Photo 4

The Minister of the Presidency Roberto Henriquez spoke to the Garfield Scholars and answered their questions. The students visited him at the Presidential Palace. Photo above courtesy of the Ministry of the Presidency.

photo for site

Group photo in the lobby of the Presidential Palace.

Day Two

Day 2 Photo 1

To start off their second day in Panama, the Scholars traveled to Ciudad del Saber (The City of Knowledge) to hear presentations by several professors. The Scholars also got a tour of the grounds which was transformed from a former U.S. military base into a center for international studies and offices for international organizations.

Day 2 Photo 2

The Scholars got to see the strongest globalizing factor of Panama: the Panama Canal.

Day 2 Photo 3

The group finished their second day with a dinner at the Trump Tower with alumnus Eduardo Enrique Morgan and his wife. They had an amazing view of the sun setting behind the Panama City skyline.

Day Three

Day 3 Photo 1.0

On their third and final full day in Panama, the scholars took a trip to the San Blas Islands.

Day 3 Photo 1.5

It was in the crystal clear waters of the San Blas Islands that James Thompson, assistant professor of political science and director of the Garfield Center for Public Leadership, led the final class discussion on globalization and Panama. 

Prior to the trip, the students met for several classes and each Scholar developed his or her own paper topic related to “Panama and Globalization.” Now the students will finish off their class by using their first-hand experiences to write a final research paper.