Hiram College

Pearlasia Alexander Hiram CWRU

Hiram students commonly seek opportunities that will enhance their ability to make an impact on the world.  Pearlresia Alexander of Cleveland is a prime example of this.  After completing a competitive application process, she was accepted to the Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, ranked first in Ohio and ninth in the nation by U.S. News and World Report.

At Hiram, Alexander focused her studies on sociology and psychology. Both of these disciplines align with the 3-2 program through which she will earn a Bachelor of Arts from Hiram College and a Master of Science from CWRU. Hiram is one of only seven institutions of higher learning to partner with Case for this competitive program.

After completing three years at Hiram and meeting CWRU’s rigorous academic and admission requirements, Alexander qualified for the program. She represents the first African-American from Hiram to be admitted into this program and received a $24,000 scholarship from Case.

Alexander and her family are enthusiastic and grateful for the preparation she received at Hiram, which readied her for this next step. Likewise, Alexander has consistently impressed faculty and staff with her tenacity, so it’s no surprise that she ultimately plans to earn a Ph.D.

While she has her eyes set on the future, Alexander continues to make her mark at Hiram. She recently traveled to Chicago with Dr. Liz Piatt, associate professor of sociology, to co-present “Straight Outta of Story Telling: Mass Media Depictions of Hip-Hop Culture.”

“Pearlreasia represents — quite well — the type of Hiram student that we seek. From day one she distinguished herself both in the classroom and as a leader in the community,” says Hiram Associate Dean/Director of Diversity and Inclusion Dee West..

Hiram student Shelby List of Mecca, Ohio in Trumbull County was also accepted to the program and will begin studies at CWRU this fall. List, who is pursuing an undergraduate degree in religious studies at Hiram, plans to establish a nonprofit organization upon earning a graduate degree from Case.