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Science students had the opportunity to speak with one of the national leaders in chemistry this week. William Carroll, Ph.D., member of the of the American Chemical Society’s Board of Directors and former president of the organization, stopped by Hiram College on Sept. 16, 2015 to meet with faculty and students involved in Hiram’s chapter of the American Chemical Society. In addition to discussing campus research, Dr. Carroll provided advice on professional networking, standing out on a resume and life after earning a bachelor’s degree.

To be successful, students should know and embrace what makes them stand out when it comes to job and graduate school applications. Dr. Carroll emphasized the importance of being well rounded and embracing Hiram’s interdisciplinary and extracurricular opportunities. Things like speaking a foreign language or having leadership experience will stand out on a resume because most graduates in certain majors will have similar technical skills and training.

Dr. Carroll also discussed careers in chemistry, addressing the differences between careers in the chemical industry and academia in terms of salary, research independence and work/life balance.

In terms of research, he encouraged the students to learn to speak simply about why they do what they do, so they can make it more accessible to the broader population and engage in conversations that span disciplines. He also noted that as scientists, they can apply when they know to other fields and expand their scope of research and understanding; for example, one of his recent research projects analyzed the Billboard Hot 100 charts to determine the “best” song in recent history.

Dr. Carroll holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Indiana University, where he is currently an adjunct professor. In addition to being a member of the Board of Directors for the American Chemical Society, he served as chair between 2012 and 2014 as president in 2005. He is one of three living members to hold both offices. He has also worked in numerous expert groups including one commissioned by the United Nations Environment Programme. He also holds two patents and has more than sixty-five publications.

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