Hiram College

This is the fifth in a series of Garfield Log stories through which students and their professors share the type of connections that define the ideal college just as famous Hiram alumnus President James A. Garfield intended. Today on the Garfield Log, Alan Fink, a senior majoring in marketing management, joins his favorite professor Megan Altman, Ph.D., who has been teaching philosophy at Hiram for four years.

Alan, you’re not a philosophy major so how did you meet and choose professor Altman as your favorite?

Alan: My first class, my freshman seminar, was with her. I picked it because it sounded like a fun class, but what I learned changed my life. Since then she has always been available to talk, whether it’s related to your academic coursework or personal struggles; she will find time to listen, and she pushes me to do better. I honestly believe that if I had not met Dr. Altman, my experience here would not have been as fulfilling because she’s not only a great professor, but a great friend.

Professor Altman, what’s it like being selected as his favorite professor?

Professor Altman: Alan’s recognition of my work as a professor is truly humbling and encouraging because he is one of the most hard-working, dedicated and honest students I have had the fortune to work with. This gives me reason to believe that I am growing as a philosophy professor who can play a beneficial role in the lives of students.

Alan, how has professor Altman influenced you academically?

 Alan: Thanks to her I have become an all-around better student; I’m more of a critical thinker and my writing has improved. Referring back to my freshman seminar, I honestly never truly thought about my death, that [seminar on death] and other classes, eventually inspired me to minor in philosophy.

Professor Altman how has Alan inspired you?

 Professor Altman: His earnest dedication to his philosophical education is gratifying and inspiring. Above all, Alan’s humorous and studious presence inside and outside of the classroom encourages me to continue in my efforts to be a better philosopher and a more thoughtful student of life.

Alan, has professor Altman inspired your career path at all?

Alan: Of course! I cannot go to any of my business courses thinking the same way that I did before. I now can see the things that are wrong with the business world and that has encouraged me to be different from the norm.

Professor Altman: His strong emotional maturity and personal investment extends past his academic into his professional goals and that will help him so much in the years to come.