Hiram College

Dear faculty, staff and students,

varlotta-2After experiencing such snowy and frigid weather during last year’s 3-Week, who would have thought that this year would feature the perfect weather for outdoor training? Even those of us who are not in active training for a competition are just now approaching the last stretch of our marathon Fall term. As you take a few deep breaths of the brisk fresh air, I hope you will spend your remaining energy focused on the strides forward and allow yourself to finish strong. Ruminating on the less-than-perfect strides that ultimately got you to the 24th mile will not propel you to marker 26.2. Push it out…make these last couple strides the best yet.

I am taking my own advice this time of year – meeting with as many friends and alumni as possible to thank those who have stayed connected to the campus over the years and to connect with others we wish to re-engage. This is the perfect time of the year to do this type of relationship work. As I invite friends and alumni to campus for gatherings at the Kennedy Center, share a tasty meal with others at the Dining Hall, or venture away from the hill to join still others at their homes or favorite hang-outs, I hear personal stories of friendship, growth, actualization and often downright transformation.

As we work hard to finish the first half of the year as strong as possible, let’s do our best in making sure we all do what we can to keep Hiram poised for the coming year and the many New Years after that. The symbiosis between Hiram and “her people” is a special one. She develops, shapes and changes our lives, and we keep her strong by giving back, paying forward and showing the world just exactly who Hiram is. We are Hiram, and that is something to celebrate this season.

The fall finish line is in sight, and it will feel good to cross it as we head into the holidays. Enjoy the break away from classes and assignments, and come ready to make 2016 a great year for yourselves and a great year for Hiram College.

Your president,

Lori E. Varlotta