Hiram College


Dear faculty, staff and students,

Well, folks warned me that Spring in Hiram runs the gamut, and I guess they were right on the mark. Can it really be that today’s high will approach 70 and that tomorrow night’s low will turn rain into snow? Just as there is a lot going on with the weather, there is a lot going on around campus, too.

Last Sunday, I enjoyed attending the Women’s Basketball end-of-season celebration. It was nice hearing the team and their family members share stories about the ups and downs of their many games. We were honored by the guest appearance of our new friend, Coach Dan Benjamin from Mount St. Joseph University, who brought us greetings and gifts from Lauren Hill, who continues to battle her cancer. Though Lauren is in a weakened physical state, her courage and compassion are very much alive, and all those attending could feel her presence in the room.

The week before last, I welcomed another important visitor to campus, President Scott Scarborough from the University of Akron. Like me, President Scarborough is a “freshman” president. I was very pleased to host him for lunch, show him around campus, and introduce him to a number of faculty, staff and students we encountered on our way. He was very complimentary of the campus and the College, admitting that he had never worked at a place quite like ours where a tour of the campus doesn’t completely wear you out and where most people know each other.

Like many weeks, this one has been full of important meetings and activities. I was pleased to hear that the staff assembly’s meeting on Tuesday afternoon went well and that several important conversations ensued. As always, I will take into consideration the recommendations that come from this important group.

I would also like to thank the Committee on Committees for their efforts in holding elections for important positions in our shared governance system. An announcement of the election results is forthcoming, but I was pleased to learn that the results for next year’s faculty chair have already been tabulated and that Michelle Nario-Redmond has been elected as our next leader. Please join me in congratulating Professor Nario-Redmond and know that I very much look forward to working with her next year.

Later today Lindajean Heller Western and I will continue our outreach to local high schools. Thanks to the leadership of Trustee Don Kaatz, we will be taking a guided tour of Lake Ridge Academy and meeting with the leaders of this outstanding institution. I am very much looking forward to our visit.

For those who celebrate Easter: I wish you a good weekend and time with friends and family. I am making a long-postponed trip myself back to Pittsburgh to see family and enjoy the laughter of nieces and nephews searching for those hidden Easter eggs. It’s nice to relish the simply joys, sometimes.

Your president,

Lori Varlotta