Hiram College

Demetria Anderson, Director of Campus Involvement, was recently featured in a national magazine geared toward campus involvement.

The National Association for Campus Activities publishes the magazine “Campus Activities Programming” each month, and Anderson received an e-mail early this summer saying she had been nominated to appear in the magazine’s recurring feature “10 Questions with…” which profiles campus activities professionals for their outstanding work.

In the article, which appeared in the magazine’s back-to-school issue, Anderson answers ten questions about her job and personal life; however, she said she still isn’t sure who nominated her.

One of the questions asks, “What recent campus program most exceeded your expectations and why?”

“Hands down, it has to be Springfest 2011,” she says in the article. Anderson said during this particular event, she was proud of the way students handled unforeseeable circumstances.

“They rebounded and kept moving, and had a really positive spirit throughout the whole thing,” she said. “Attendance was really, really good too.”

Another question asked the most challenging aspect of her job; Anderson answered: “Money, money, money, of course,” adding that just once, she’d like to splurge on a big campus event.

“I would like to see a huge carnival with rides and things like that – either as a “kids and sibs” weekend, or part of Homecoming,” she said.

Looking forward to this year, Anderson said her goals for the Office of Campus Involvement include supporting the programming board under its new structure and keeping students engaged and having a good time.

One new event returning students will notice as soon as they get on campus is expanded Welcome Week programming. Until this year, the Kennedy Center Programming Board generally only held one event during the first week of classes, but this year, there will be programming each night of the week.

Read the full interview with Anderson. She is featured on page 82.