Hiram College

Assistant Professor of Psychology Michelle Nario-Redmond has been conducting an online survey to better understand how student plans and academic interests develop during four years of college study. “The Student Identities and Campus Experiences Project” was designed to examine how specific involvements, activities, and motivations are related to long-term satisfaction and persistence in college. Last year, close to 200 students participated in the project, which hopes to improve upon student services and persistence.

To encourage full representation from the first-year classes of 2008 and 2009, all those who complete the emailed survey during spring 12-week semester are being entered into cash prize random drawing. Last April, ten students each received a $100 gift card in appreciation of their ongoing participation in the project: Esperance Barinakandi, Amanda Bird, Brittany Blum, Francesca Luppino, Emily Marshall, Rebecca Moseley, Amelia Shrader, Samantha Stone, Colin Curry and Tyler Launder.

This year there will be two lotteries, one for the first-year class of 2008 and another for the class of 2009. Final reminders are being sent this week to ask all students who have not yet had a chance to complete the survey to do so before the spring semester comes to a close. Nario-Redmond emphasizes that students remain eligible to participate even if they are not currently enrolled at Hiram.

For additional information on this longitudinal research project, you can contact Nario-Redmond at nariomr@hiram.edu, Professor Mike Grajek, chair of the Hiram College Institutional Research Advisory Committee at GrajekMA@hiram.edu, or Assistant Professor Ryan Honomichl, chair of the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects, Department of Psychology at honomichlrd@hiram.edu.