Hiram College

Steven A. Maxim has been named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. It’s an honor well earned. After graduating Hiram (where he was an athlete of the year award winner for soccer), he started his own retail store, Soccer 2000 Inc. From there, he joined another start-up, Maxim Enterprises, founded by his father.

Maxim Enterprises provides property-preservation services to several of the nation’s top mortgage field-service companies. Following the death of his father, Maxim took over as president, and the company continued to expand. It now has approximately 45 employees.

Since assuming leadership of his father’s company, Maxim has also founded Bargainlocks, a seller of locks, locksmith equipment and other supplies, as well as Preservation for Contractors (P4C), which trains independent contractors interested in learning the property preservation side of the default-loan servicing business.