Hiram College

Art Professor Lisa Safford has published an article called “The tale of Genji and Business Japan 101: A Comparison of Heian Period Art and Literature Formative of Modern Business Behaviors,” in the Japan Studies Association Journal, Vol. 8, 2010, 196-208.

The topic of her article was inspired by a team-taught interdisciplinary course with Gail Ambuske, Communication Professor, called “Japan: Fundamental Ideologies, Artifacts and Institutions,” which they taught in Japan in 2001 and 2003. The class explored the historical ideologies and institutions that remain critical factors that still shape life in Japan today. For the article, Safford used a seminal novel (the first in history and written around 1000) and a pictorial illustration of it (c. 1100) to demonstrate past principles applied to modern behaviors.

Safford hopes to offer the course again in 2012 with Associate Professor of Communication Jon Gordon.