Hiram College

settersten2The Hiram College Center for Literature and Medicine will present the lecture: “Contemporary American Medicine and its Discontents: A Comparison of the Anti-Aging and Personalized Medicine Movements,” at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 11, 2014, in the Kennedy Center Ballroom.

Richard Settersten, director of the Hallie Ford Center for Healthy Children and Families at Oregon State University, will present the lecture.

Settersten will discuss two recent medical movements that have claimed to revolutionize biomedical science and healthcare. One, “Personalized Genomic Medicine,” was propelled by the scientific tools made available by the Human Genome Project and was promoted as a “new paradigm for healthcare.” The other, “Anti-Aging Medicine,” emerged from the commercialized margins of clinical medicine, through the consolidation of interests from entrepreneurial specialties like sports medicine, aesthetic medicine and wellness care. It, too, claimed to represent “the leading edge of the healthcare of the future.”