Hiram College

Hiram’s Weekend College caters to nontraditional students with full-time careers, families

With two school-age children and a full-time job, Lindsay Bierman isn’t just a typical, overbooked mom. She’s also a Hiram College student majoring in accounting. How does she do it? Bierman gets a little boost from Hiram’s Weekend College.

Hiram accounting major Lindsay Bierman, pictured with her daughters Lexi and Hayley, on her first day of Weekend College classes.

Now in her third year at Hiram, Bierman of Willoughby anticipates earning her bachelor’s degree in 2018. Although she already has a B.A. in psychology from Bowling Green State University, Bierman says her interest in a career change led her to Hiram for a second degree.

After spending 10 years in retail banking and accounting, Bierman says she wanted to apply her financial knowledge to a business degree and move her career forward.

“I had been considering going back to school to pursue a different career path after having a family, but was having difficulty finding class times that would be convenient for my hectic schedule,” says Bierman, who describes Hiram’s Weekend College as the opportunity she had been seeking.

Structured into eight-week sessions that begin at various times throughout the year, Weekend College caters specifically to nontraditional students who have jobs, families and other obligations, much like Bierman.

“I must be very creative with my time,” says Bierman who is in her 30s. “and simply don’t have the ability to make school my main priority.”

More than 2,200 graduates, most of them nontraditional students like Bierman, have graduated from Hiram’s Weekend College since it began 35 years ago. Weekend College offers blended courses that meet on campus every other weekend and also online courses. For more information, visit Weekend College.