Hiram College

Dr. Jason Johnson, Scholar in Residence at Hiram’s Garfield Institute for Public Leadership will take American politics “on the road” to Europe February 25-March 5 in a series of lectures on the American political system, Presidential campaign and African-American political landscape hosted by the U.S. State Department.

Johnson, an author, and frequent commentator on American politics for the media, will be visiting American Consulates in numerous cities in Germany, including Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Nurnberg, Munich, Heidelberg and other cities, to discuss a wide range of topics, from the use of social media in American political campaigns to the role minorities, and especially, African Americans will play in this year’s Presidential Campaign in the U.S.

Johnson will lecture at teacher training seminars at American Consulates in each city, and will join with Dr. Steven Bloom, historian and author, and a professor at Heidelberg College, for a presentation on Civil rights, racial identity, and political humor in American politics.

After the German appearances, Johnson, will return to Hiram to spearhead the Garfield Institute’s year-long “Listening to young Voters” Project, aimed at gauging the attitudes of 18-29-year-olds this Presidential election year.

A nationwide poll of young voters conducted by the Garfield Institute as part of the Young Voters Project was released in January, and showed that young Americans’ are concerned about the economy, and jobs, and critical of the culture of confrontation and stalemate in Washington. In 2008, 18-29-year-olds voted in unprecedented numbers, and were instrumental in propelling President Obama into the White House. The young Voter’s project aims to find out if the attitudes and opinions of the same demographic has changed, and to gauge what its effect will be on the 2012 election.  For the full results of the Young Voters Survey, visit http://thewww.hiram.edu/garfieldinstitute/ .  In March the Young Voters project plans to host the first of several youth forums on the Presidential Election.