Hiram College

It’s not just about fetching coffee, and making copies. Serving internships and slaving at entry-level jobs while still in college can pay off big-time.

Actor Tom Hanks moved scenery at the Great Lakes Theater Festival. Steve Jobs made an imprint at Hewlitt Packard. Xerox CEO Ursula Burns, made copies for company executives, fashion icons Stella McCartney and Tom Ford mcut thier first fabric at Christian LaCroix and Gucci respectively, entertainment moguls Steven Spielberg, Spike Lee and Oprah Winfrey  first focused on success at movie and local TV studios, and TV news anchor Anderson Cooper spent a couple summers investigating the cloaks and daggers at the CIA.

Now Hiram’s students have the chance to get advice on getting their “foot in the door” to fame by way of internships this week.

On Tuesday, February 14th, Stacy Rinaldi, of the The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars will be available to meet with students interested in opportunities to ply the halls of Capitol Hill and federal government. Students can drop in to visit her in the office of Craig Moser, Professor of Economics, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Room 117 Hinsdale Hall.

Hiram has a continuing relationship with Rinaldi’s Washington Center Internship program, which  arranges  internship placements for positions with governmental, for-profit, nonprofit, and international organizations in the nation’s capital for students of all majors. The internships are tailored to students’ interests and provide substantive work experience to help them gain greater access to graduate schools and entry-level jobs. Students can earn a full 15 semester hours of  credit from Hiram College for their work, which includes the internship, an academic course and other programming activities.   Visit  the Washington Center’s web site and register to receive more information.

Then on Thursday, February 16th, Lauren Berger, the “Intern Queen” will hold forth in a convocation at  noon in the Kennedy Center Ballroom. Sponsored by Hiram’s Career Center and the Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship, Berger is an expert on internships, and a motivational proponent of the value of entry-level jobs. A raffle will be held at the Berger appearance with prizes and a chance to qualify for an internship. Learn more at Berger’s website.