Hiram College
>> Bee-A-ThonSaturday, July 16, Noon-Midnight EST, your computer. Tune in at www.yourgardenshow.com

Alumnus Emmet Brady ’92 is taking the international stage this weekend – via web cam. He is hosting the first-ever Bee-A-Thon, a free online “town hall” event to educate – and entertain – audiences on honeybees and their role in society.

Brady, who studied biology while at Hiram, has been working in cultural entomology in San Francisco. He is creator of the Insect News Network and has helped in developing Your Garden Show, a social network for gardeners.

Cultural entomology, he said, is the study of the parallels and interconnectedness of humans and insects. Just as humans are the pinnacle of vertebrate evolution, honeybees are the pinnacle of invertebrate evolution. They are responsible for one in every three bites of food and contribute billions of dollars to global economies.

“The honeybee has a ten thousand year history with human beings,” he said. “They are one of our most important allies in food production.”

The web-a-thon will take place from noon to midnight, EST, on Saturday, July 16. Anyone with an Internet connection can tune in at www.yourgardenshow.com, but those who would like to contribute must have a web cam. Throughout the day, Brady said educators from around the world will discuss issues relating to honeybees, including their role in economics, food production, metaphysics and sociology. There will also be a few surprise celebrity appearances. Viewers can tune in at any time, and for any length of time.

“This is a citizen science event – a way for non-scientists to participate in scientific research,” Brady said.