Hiram College

A new monthly program will give international students the chance to show off the flavors of their country.

Called Third Thursdays, the program will take place in the Dining Hall, and feature a table display of information about a student’s  native country and a dish of his or her choice to be served at lunch and dinner that day.

The first presentation will take place Sept. 15, and continue the third Thursday of every month thereafter.

Third Thursdays The program begins Sept. 15, and will feature Mexican cuisine, chosen by chemistry major Manolo Angel.

Time: 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. and 4:30-5:30 p.m.

Location: Dining Hall

Chemistry major Manolo Angel ’14, who is originally from Mexico City, Mexico, will be the first to present, coincidentally, on the day before Mexican Independence Day (Sept. 16).

Angel submitted three of his favorite recipes to AVI Fresh chefs at the Dining Hall, and they chose to prepare chicken tamales with mole sauce. Mole is a cinnamon and chocolate sauce.

Authentic Mexican food is much different than what is served at Taco Bell and other American restaurants, and Angel said the recipes he submitted reflect something very different than what people are used to.

“We love to combine the three flavors – sweet, sour and salty,” Angel said about Mexican cuisine. “When you eat the food, you can taste all three flavors.”

In his time at Hiram, Angel said he has found food to be a good way to share his culture with his classmates.

“Food is a great way to share,” he said. “Even though it’s only one feeling you get from food, (a dish someone prepares) can tell you about someone.”

In addition to sharing the food of his culture, Angel is also looking forward to conveying his pride in his country. He said he plans to share facts about Mexican independence, the experience of college-aged students in Mexico and other cultural fun facts.

Taryn Hale, Director of International Student Services, said this new program draws from the First Fridays program that used to take place in Bowler Hall, but adds a stronger food component.

“Food is a good way to get exposed to other cultures,” she said. “We’re fortunate to have a Dining Hall with an international station.”

Hale said the program may be expanded to include students who have studied abroad if there is a strong interest.