Hiram College

The conference and annual meeting of the Innovative Farmers of Ohio will continue as scheduled on Saturday, February 26, at Hiram College. Experts will talk about making farming a profitable, specialty business. Several speakers will address the potential of farming as an up-and-coming occupation.

Keynote Speaker: Susan Beal, D.V.M. is the Agricultural Science Adviser for PASA: The Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture. Founded in 1992, PASA’s consistent and driving vision has been to transform agriculture and food systems in Pennsylvania – and beyond – in ways that make our farmers more viable, improves the land and restores the heath and well being of all our citizens.

Other speakers:

Trevor Clatterbuck graduated May 2008 from Case Western Reserve University with a BS in Business Management and a BA in Political Science.  He serves as Fresh Fork’s CEO.

Floyd Davis is the owner of Red Basket Farm located in Kinsman, Ohio. Red Basket Farm is a small family farm dedicated to year around production of specialty crops, supplying Farmers Markets, restaurants and a seasonal Community Supported Agriculture program.

Aaron Miller graduated from Ohio State University with a B. S. in Animal Science. He has raised cattle for over 30 years and practiced rotational grazing for 25 years, switching to intensive grazing in 1999.

Bob Perry, M.A. is the Special Projects Manager and Chef for the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Working Group in the College of Agriculture at the University of Kentucky and serves as the hub of the sustainable food and farm diversification network in Kentucky.

Daniel Trudel, and his wife Ann, own and manage Ann’s Raspberry Farm & Specialty Crops, a pick-your-own operation located in Knox Co.

All speakers will elaborate on their own experiences in the farming industry and ways to make it a profitable and worthwhile endeavor for people of all ages.

To register for this event, go to IFOH.org.