Hiram College

The Hiram College History Department will present: “In Defense of Phi Beta Kappa: How a History Degree Can Change Your Life,” at 10:40 a.m. on March 6, 2014, in the library’s Pritchard Room.

Alumna Monica Raber Miyashita ’94, who earned her bachelor’s degree in history, will present the talk. She has practiced family law for 15 years, both in a law firm and as a law partner. She has also taught history at the University of Akron, Wayne, during those 15 years.

“Studying history prepared me to teach history, but it also helped enormously with all the research and writing skills fundamental to the practice of law,” she said. “I have found that knowledge to be helpful in understanding what makes people do the things they do, which has helped to make me effective as a litigator and especially effective in conducting cross examinations.”

Please RSVP to this talk by March 3, 2014, to hwangm@hiram.edu or 330-569-5465.