Hiram College

Funded by STEM Academy grant from the Ohio Board of Regents. Additional funding and support provided by The Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, The Herbert W. Hoover Foundation and the Choose Ohio First Initiative.

Hiram College, Kent State University and The University of Akron will showcase three years of STEM education collaboration at the Igniting Streams of Learning in Science (ISLS) Academy STEM Summit at the Great Lakes Science Center on April 9 from 5 to 9 p.m.

Aiming to change how learning science takes place in Ohio’s schools, the academy draws inspiration from more than 40 years of efforts by the State of Ohio to reclaim the state’s rivers, lakes and streams, and the Choose Ohio First program by the State of Ohio to support STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education and build a strong STEM workforce in the State of Ohio.

This Summit is the culmination of efforts of more than 20 Northeast Ohio school districts, seven Northeast Ohio universities and more than 20 local and state public and private partners to increase the success of Ohio and its students in STEM education and careers. A showcase of student projects and research ranging from middle school through higher education, and guest speakers will present the necessity of continued support of the State of Ohio educational system and environmental stewardship.

All students, educators, families, partners and the public are invited to attend and explore presentations from the ISLS learning communities, Choose Ohio First Scholars and ISLS partners relating to science, technology and education. Additionally, attendees will be able to explore the “Water: H2O = Life” exhibit and watch a special presentation of the Omnimax movie “Mysteries of the Great Lakes.”

To learn more about the Igniting Streams of Learning in Science Academy, visit www.islsohio.org.