Hiram College

During this unprecedented time, visiting colleges in person has been more difficult than ever. While not all students need to set foot on campus to know where they would like to attend, for many, experiencing campus can help decide if a school is the right fit for them.  

From Virtual Open Houses to Individual Virtual Visits, our Admission Office offers several types of events to experience our community and help students explore opportunities provided by Hiram College. We sat down with Sherman Dean, director of admission, and he shared the values of experiencing Hiram firsthand and the ways in which Hiram is working to safely hold events and campus interactions during a global pandemic.  

Why are campus visits important? And what should students do if they cannot make it to campus in-person?  

Campus visits provide first-person interaction with an institution that allows a prospective student to place themselves in an environment. Is this a place I can see myself spending the next four or so years? Do I feel comfortable and can I envision myself interacting with the student body? These are questions that a view book or pictures on a website cannot effectively answer.  

With COVID, in-person, on-campus visits have been restricted. If a student isn’t able to set actual feet on a campus, there are many virtual visit opportunities that allow the student to interact with admission counselors, but more importantly, faculty, coaches and current students.

Can students visit Hiram in the next few months?  

Virtual visits will be the best avenue to visit Hiram up until late January. Our students and faculty will be heading home for the holidays but will still make themselves available to connect and share a little insight into what makes Hiram College such a special place. 

What is a virtual visit and why should students consider signing up for one? 

Virtual visits usually will consist of an admission presentation provided by a counselor, a guided virtual tour provided by a current student, and the opportunity to also connect with a faculty member, program director and/or coach. These visits will provide more in-depth information than just perusing the college website, but also give you organic and live interactions with campus community members. 

What are other ways that students can experience Hiram?  

We are always looking to provide new and exciting ways to experience Hiram College. These have included small group open houses, lantern tours and virtual Hiram at Home offerings. Please keep an eye on the visit Hiram page on the www.hiram.edu website for updates.