Hiram College

Dear faculty, staff, and students,

As spring slowly but surely makes its way to our part of the country, I hope that many of you reading this were buoyed by the springtime lift that our annual Sugar Day provided to all who participated in it. For those not in the know, this wonderful tradition got its start at Hiram in 1856 as students were dismissed from class one day each spring to engage in community service projects. In the early years, Hiram faculty, staff, and students trekked over to the village’s Udall sugar camp to help make maple syrup for community residents.

At this year’s Sugar Day activities, some of our students, faculty, and staff spent time making household items like reusable grocery bags and dog toys out of old t-shirts. Others made capes for sick and special needs children, which will go to schools and hospitals in our area. In addition to those projects, many participants joined forces with our ABM grounds crew to assist in clean-up projects all around the main campus, the Field Station, the Hiram Farm, and the Little Village Early Learning Center. And finally, as has become part of more recent traditions, the afternoon was busy with a campus-wide poster session and departmental presentations and performances.

Celebrating traditions like Sugar Day brings us together as a community, prompts us to recall the rich traditions that define our history, and reminds that, no matter how much we “progress” into the future, Hiram blessedly remains a place where certain things should never go out of style. We are lucky to have Sugar Day serve as a concrete example of just how far a little generosity, elbow grease, and neighborly goodwill and service can go. To all who have worked hard to keep this tradition alive and well, thank you.

In addition to Sugar Day’s campus-wide cooperation, we also had some friendly competition recently with ideabuild! Thanks to the Burton D. Morgan Foundation, 10 teams of students pitted their entrepreneurial creativity against one another and presented to an audience of their peers and a panel of judges. The battle of cool and brainy ideas continues next month, as our top two winning teams travel to Baldwin Wallace University to compete in the next round.

As the semester clock ticks toward the final weeks of the 12-week, please remember that certain Housing Sign-Ups begin tonight. If you are interested in the All-Gender Community, Quad, Triples, Townhouses, or Singles, you should make your way to Bates Hall at 6:00 pm. Sign-ups will continue next Tuesday at 6:00 pm for East Hall and doubles.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who completed your Mapworks surveys. I’m happy to report that Professor Emily Waples’ entire FSEM class earned a Chipotle party since they were the first class to reach 100% participation in completing the survey. In addition, the Student Life staff gave out 32 prize packages to students who won daily drawings by completing their surveys.

As we reach the end of the 12-week and head into finals, take the time to breath in the fresh air, stroll around campus in the spring sunshine, and reflect back on the work you have done so far this year. In addition to celebrating traditions, did you take a trek on a new or unexpected path? What new venture can you contemplate yet this year?

Your president,

President Varlotta Signature

Lori Varlotta