A special message to faculty and staff from President David Haney. 

Faculty and staff,

Earlier today, President Biden signed a bill into law establishing Juneteenth National Independence Day as a federal holiday. I am pleased to announce that Hiram College will celebrate Juneteenth as a holiday this year, and it will be observed tomorrow––Friday, June 18.

Hiram’s rich history demonstrates the College’s ongoing commitment to diversity, equality, inclusion, and acceptance. To honor and celebrate the importance of Juneteenth, Hiram College will allow all employees to take the day off tomorrow as a paid holiday. Due to the short notice, please check in with your immediate supervisor if you have any pressing projects or deadlines. Employees who cannot take the day off tomorrow can make alternative arrangements with their supervisor. Supervisors should alert any student workers of this office closure.

Recently, there has been renewed national interest in Juneteenth, the holiday that commemorates a series of events that culminated in the liberation of those enslaved in Galveston, Texas during the Civil War. The origin of Juneteenth is linked to President Lincoln signing the Emancipation Proclamation in September of 1862––the Proclamation outlined provisions to immediately free individuals enslaved in all confederate states. However, it wasn’t until June 19, 1865, that the enslaved in Galveston learned that the war had ended and that they had been emancipated since 1862. For the former enslaved in Galveston, the day became a symbol of independence. We will share more with you tomorrow about this important day.

May we continue to strive for justice for all and contribute to a better world for everyone.

Thanks for all you do,


David P. Haney (he/him/his)

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