Hiram College

Four Hiram physics majors recently presented their research at the American Physical Society, Ohio Region, 2011 Spring Meeting held at John Carroll University on April 16 and 17.  The presentations were as follows:

Shishir Adhikari (11) presented a poster (coauthored with Mark Taylor) entitled “Conformation of a Lennard-Jones Chain in Explicit Solvent: A Solvation Potential Approach ”

Phie Phyo (Kauk Kauk) Aung (12) presented a poster (coauthored with Prof. P. Gujrati, U. of Akron)  entitled “Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics in Glassy Systems”.

Sambid Wasti (12) and Subrat Khanal (12) co-presented a poster (coauthored with Mark Taylor) entitled: “Local Structure in Short Chain Molecule Fluids”.

Also attending this meeting were student Yuting Ye and physics professors Laura Van Wormer (who is currently secretary of the Ohio Section of the APS) and Mark Taylor.  Taylor gave a talk on his research  entitled “Protein-like Folding and Free Energy Landscape of a Homopolymer Chain “.

The work of Adhikari, Wasti, Kanal, and Taylor was funded by Taylor’s research grant from the National Science Foundation, Division of Material Research.  Aung’s research was carried out at the University of Akron as part of an NSF-REU program.