Hiram College

Proper diets for captive raptors, methods for rehabilitating ducklings and the comeback of the American kestrel were among research topics presented by Hiram College students at the Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitators Association Conference earlier this month.

 As a part of the conference’s goal to spread knowledge of wildlife rehabilitation methods, students Thea Angeli, Clare Fekete, Julia Franquesa and Amber Levering shared findings of the research they conducted at the College’s James H. Barrow Biological Field Station. The students pursued the research as a part of their internship experience through the Hiram Connect program.

 “Internship projects like these have been the backbone for the summer internship program offered at the field station,” says Jim Metzinger, director of the field station. Metzinger adds that donations from the Frohring family make such internships possible.


 Hiram’s contributions at this annual conference and its dedication to research are longstanding, according to Metzinger.  Hiram staff members and alumni joined students as conference presenters, attendees and board members.  And, research was not Hiram’s only conference contribution. The College’s students and staff also donated an entire mealworm culture as a raffle prize.