Hiram College

On Saturday, February 25, 7 Hiram students participated in the Polar Plunge at Breakwater Beach at Geneva State Park.  The group was organized and led by student Nancy Wells, ’15.

While the students opened themselves up for concern about their sanity by paying to jump into freezing cold water on an already inclement day, they certainly acted for a good cause.  Anna Borkan, ’15, stated, “I chose to participate in the plunge because I like to fund raise for good causes.”  Each member of the group raised $100 for Special Olympics Ohio.

Because the lake was so wavy on the 25, participants could only wade out in the water in groups of eight, rather than plunging in in a mass group like usual plunges.  Soon after the dip, they raced to heated tents to change out of their (partially) wet clothing.

Borkan summarized her experience by stating, “I enjoyed it!  We were freezin’ for a reason.”  On top of that, each participant received a free t-shirt, towel and food.