Hiram College

Hiram senior physics major Shishir Adhikari and Associate Professor of Physics Mark Taylor both presented their research at the March Meeting of the American Physical Society held last week (March 21-25) in Dallas, Texas.

The March Meeting is one of largest annual gathering of physicists in the world and provides a forum for presenting new research results in all areas of condensed matter physics.

Adhikari gave a poster (coauthored with Taylor) in the Polymer & Soft Matter Poster Session titled “Conformation of a Lennard-Jones Chain in Explicit Solvent: A Solvation Potential Approach.”

Taylor gave a talk (coauthored with his German collaborators Binder and Paul) in the Symposium on the Physics of Proteins entitled “Protein-like Folding and Free Energy Landscape of a Homopolymer Chain.”  Both of these research projects are funded by Taylor’s research grant from the National Science Foundation, Division of Material Research.