Recently, Hiram College graduating seniors were inducted into the James Jesse Turner Society. The J.J. Turner Society is named in honor of James Jesse Turner, professor of Biology, 1904-1950, who was a thorough biologist and a versatile teacher. Professor Turner helped establish the national reputation of Hiram College for excellence in the sciences. 

Membership in the J.J. Turner Society is granted to all graduates of Hiram College who majored or minored in biology or who have gone on to advanced study and/or careers in the biological sciences and medicine. Additionally, membership is granted to all senior biology, biochemistry, biomedical humanities, and neuroscience majors and minors.

“Hiram’s Biology graduates have the advantage of a broad major, which gives them exposure to many different sub-disciplines of biology including, ecology, genetics, molecular and cellular biology, anatomy and physiology, and others,” said the Director of School of Science & Technology, Nicolas Hirsch, Ph.D. “This breadth gives our students multiple options upon graduation—from going on to medical or veterinary school, graduate school, or working locally with a number of area employers such as Nestle, Sherwin-Williams, and Davey Tree.”

This year’s inductees include:

  • Addison Angerman
  • Miricle Blackman
  • Mackenzie Brannon
  • Madison Buckles
  • Madison Burns
  • Ashley Cameron
  • In memory of, Gerardo Carrillo Ramirez
  • Mason Cebulla
  • C’yona Edwards
  • Mellreanna Ferguson
  • Satasha George
  • Sandra Hahn
  • Ashley Hennen
  • Collin Himes
  • Rafah Hussain
  • Divine Iromuanya
  • Joy Ishekwene
  • Alexis Kaspar
  • Emily Kazimore
  • Monika Kepa
  • Carlene Kopp
  • LaDhavion Duncan
  • Mark Macri
  • Lauryn Olguin
  • Abigail Ries
  • Kellie Ristau
  • Neil Robertson
  • Trey Saunders
  • Zachary Scalf
  • Iyana Smith
  • Shawn Stacey
  • Samantha Thomas
  • Sarah Weintraub
  • Chloe Welch

By Elyse Pitkin

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