By Elyse Pitkin

Recently, Hiram nursing program director Sarahbeth Abalos PH.D., R.N. co-authored the book chapter “Theories Around Self Promotion and Self-Management” in Lifestyle Medicine.

Lifestyle Nursing examines the concepts of lifestyle medicine and nursing practice, and it is specifically designed to help nurses introduce the concepts of lifestyle medicine to readers while also encouraging them to focus on their own wellness.

“My friend and mentor, Dr. Maria Grandinetti from Wilkes University was asked to author the chapter with a doctoral student of her choice,” said Abalos. “She was one of my faculty members in my MSN program and a committee member on my dissertation and knew my interest in nursing theory and wellness, so she asked me to be a part of the project. The book is the sixth in a series of Lifestyle Medicine texts and the first text to be designed for unlicensed nursing students.”

To read or purchase a copy of Lifestyle Medicine, click here.

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