Morgan Clevenger, Ed.D., an associate professor of management in Hiram’s Scarborough School of Business and Communication, was a global finalist for the Best Book Award in the Social Issues in Management Division at the Academy of Management 2020 for his book, “Corporate Citizenship and Higher Education: Behavior, Engagement, and Ethics.” 

Dr. Clevenger’s book is the first to examine the behavioral aspects of the relationship between corporate entities and higher education institutions, specifically corporate citizenship through the inter-organizational relationships of a public American doctoral research university and six of its counter partners. He discusses why U.S. corporations engage as corporate citizens in relationships with higher education institutions, and the importance of support from individuals and corporations as governments decrease funding. Dr. Clevenger sees the book as useful to provide both researchers and practitioners with insights to better design and manage inter-organizational relationships.  

As a first-generation college student, Dr. Clevenger obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in news editorial journalism from Reed College of Media, followed by his Master of Business Administration from the John Chambers College of Business and Economics, both at West Virginia University. To further his education, Dr. Clevenger pursued a doctoral degree in educational leadership and policy analysis at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  

From this start of his doctoral program, the goal for Dr. Clevenger was to create something of significance. His initial draft of his dissertation came back with “an award-winning dissertation in the making” note from his advisor, and in 2016 the completed package won a CASE Award in Integrated Institutional Advancement. The award led to a post-doctorate study focused on the same top, and after nearly ten years of research, Dr. Clevenger published the book that is receiving national attention today.  

In addition to teaching his first semester at Hiram College this fall, Dr. Clevenger is also a post-doctoral fellow with Monarch Business School, Switzerland in corporate social responsibility and global business ethics. Before coming to Hiram, he served as a management professor in the Grove College of Business at Shippensburg University and as tenured faculty at Wilkes University. Additionally, Dr. Clevenger has held numerous director and vice president roles in education and non-profits.  

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by Jenelle Bayus