Hiram College

A few weeks ago, the work of Hiram College students, faculty and staff was on display at the American Society for Microbiology Conference on Undergraduate Education (ASMCUE) and the subsequent 110th General Meeting of the society. Both events took place May 20 through 23 at the Town & Country Resort and Convention Center, in San Diego, Calif.

ASMCUE brought together close to 400 educators while over 10,000 researchers, clinicians and educators with a common interest in microbiology attended the General Meeting. At ASMCUE, Brad Goodner, associate professor of biology, gave a short “how-to” lecture on teaching key features of gene regulation and presented two posters on ongoing faculty development institutes he leads for ASM. At the General Meeting, Goodner convened a symposium on “Functional Genomics in the Classroom” and spoke in the symposium.

“There is a lot of interest among faculty, both young and seasoned, in staying current with their field and in bringing novel research into their courses,” he said. “I am thrilled that Hiram College can be seen as a leader in these efforts.”