Hiram College

This year the 2008 Hiram Hustle – taking place from 7 – 8 a.m. on Saturday, June 14, held several things in common with previous years’ Hustles: Participants met on Alumni Weekend; walkers/runners traversed the 3-Mile Square; and it kicked off the start of the “weekend-proper” events for Alumni Weekend.

This year did net one big difference, though: an uncharacteristically paltry turn-out. Maybe it was the thunderstorms the night before that knocked out power for a little bit (and thus, presumably, all of the participants’ alarm clocks). Maybe it was the humid, rain-threatening early morning weather (not that this has stopped anyone before). Or maybe it was the thought of dragging oneself out of bed that early in the morning after the Alumni Weekend festivities of the evening before (most likely scenario).

Whatever the reason, those of us who did show up hoofed it off on our morning trek, retracing steps so many of us had taken during our tenure as students at Hiram. Past the cemetery, down Ryder Road, past the dairy farm, down Pioneer Trail, past Panorama Farm… the scenery may be familiar and relatively unchanging, and the feeling of calm and quiet doesn’t change, either – at least not for yours truly. I love listening to the birds on the walk up Ryder Road, and hearing the occasional moan of the dairy cows. I love the distant view of the hills to the East at the crest of Pioneer Trail. And I love the walk back in to town.

Those of us who hot-footed it around the 3-Mile-Square this year got those experiences again, and more. We got some good exercise. We got a good start on the day. We got rained on. No matter. A change into dry clothes, and it was off to the International Breakfast! But that’s another story…