Hiram College

Habitat (2)Spring break may mean sleeping in or basking on a beach to some college students. To others, such as the 13 Hiram College students who just returned from a Bloomington, Ind. Habitat for Humanity trip, you’ll hear something a little different.

Since 1970, alternative spring break trips have emphasized one of Hiram’s greatest core values: community. This year literally brought that theme home for the students and advisors who helped a family in need by building them a place to call home.

Nina Lester, Hiram College Habitat for Humanity president, coordinates with her fellow officers Colin Brothers, vice president; D’Nautica Philpot, treasurer; and Timothy Hatfield, secretary, to recruit student participants. The students build a house with the family members they are serving.

“There’s really nothing else like building a home alongside the family who will end up living there for potentially the rest of their lives,” says Lester, who still stays in touch with the family she and her Habitat for Humanity crew helped last year.

Philpot adds that trip did not result only in a house being built, but also friendships. “I will honestly cherish the friends that I have made, even the ones who live in Indiana,” she says.