Hiram College

Classes are out (for the most part), but many of our students are spending their summer (or part of it) at Hiram. From camps to internships to summer jobs, students have many opportunities for engagement over the summer. From time to time, we will showcase the work these students are doing. See more “snapshots of summer” here.

Hannah Petcovic (right) and Genomics Academy students.

HIRAM GENOMICS ACADEMY: Hannah Petcovic ’13 loved science in high school, so when she saw an ad for the Hiram Genomics Academy a few years ago, she signed up with out question.

She spent the four days of camp in the campus laboratories, learning new concepts and using new equipment. When it came time for her to select a college, she said her experience at the Genomics Academy influenced her decision to come to Hiram.

“It was the first time I met with a professor, and that was Brad Goodner,” she said. “It was definitely when I fell in love with Hiram.”

Because of her own experience at the camp, Petcovic was excited to help out with this year’s camp, from June 26-29, as part of her research through the DiSalvo Research Assistantship. She said she hopes at least one student who attended will one day be in her shoes.

High school students who attend the Hiram Genomics Academy learn about the genome – an organism’s hereditary information that is encoded in DNA. Petcovic said these concepts, as well as the lab equipment,  are new to high school students. Her job included teaching them to use the equipment, as well as team-building.

Petcovic said the students will likely be able to draw from what they learned when they begin taking college courses.

“It’s so full circle,” she said. “A lot of the technologies I learned (at the Hiram Genomics Academy) transferred perfectly into lab stuff (as a Hiram student) now.”