Hiram College

With both presidential candidates making frequent stops in Ohio and the election less than a month away, Hiram will shift the focus of election related activities from registering students to vote, to making sure those who register know how important it is for them to cast their ballots.

Ed Frato–Sweeney, Coordinator of Citizenship said this fall’s registration activities on campus should result in the number of students registered in the village of Hiram exceed the previous record of 310 by Tuesday evening’s deadline, and that now activities will focus on getting students out to vote on Election Day.

The last day of registration is always the busiest,” Frato-Sweeney said. “And we had 300 registered as of Monday (October 8).”

Since school began this fall, the College has encouraged students to register to vote in the village, instead of their home addresses, and made registration forms and help available at multiple sites across campus. While some students may want be registered in their hometowns, Frato-Sweeney said they are more likely to vote in person in the village because of the convenience, rather than going home or voting absentee by mail. The college furnished students with the street address for their residence halls, which are not well known, but are necessary for the Ohio registration form. Students could also fill out Ohio registration forms online, print them out and mail them, or drop them off at the College offices.

Now the focus of campus activities will shift to getting students and other who have registered to vote.

On Oct. 24 Hiram will screen a showing of “Up to Us”, a film that follows two twenty-somethings as they think about civic and political engagement — one attends the Democratic convention in Charlotte, the other goes to the Republican convention in Tampa this past summer in the film.  The director of the movie, David Burstein, will be show the film at 8 p.m. in the Alumni Heritage Room in Teachout Price Hall. He will discuss the film and the critical role young people will play in the November balloting. To view a trailer for the film, visit http://vimeo.com/50112090

Then on Oct. 29, a week before the election, Hiram will host its annual Candidate and Issue Information Night at 7 p.m. in Koritansky Hall.  The event is a chance for students to meet all the local and regional candidates in person, and to ask questions.

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