Hiram College

As students and faculty settle back on campus, Hiram’s Center of Integrated Entrepreneurship prepares to kick off another year of Fireside Chats.

Hosted in East Hall, the home of the Entrepreneurship Residential Learning Community, the Fireside Chats feature weekly presentations from entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial thinkers.

Students, staff, and other attendees have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in conversations with the business owners and innovators who are flourishing in the ever-expanding markets of the modern world.

This year’s first Fireside Chat takes place at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 6, and features Mike Belsito, co-founder of Product Collective, who will present “Calling All Product People!”

Belsito, described as a “serial entrepreneur,” began his career with a consumer electronics startup. He continued to work in the electronics industry and also co-founded eFunerals.com. Belsito’s most recent project, Product Collective, is his attempt to build a community for “product people.” In other words, Product Collective provides a place for thinkers, inventors, and business owners across the world to collaborate.

Product Collective’s weekly webinars highlight leaders in the field. Discussion boards allow members to share thoughts on trends and to receive feedback on their ideas. A weekly bulletin covers all aspects of the field, from creating to building to testing and finally to selling products.

Belsito’s “Calling All Product People” Fireside chat is free and open to the public.