Hiram College

Students posing for a photo- all orientation leaders

Born primarily in 1997, the class of 2019 has never really known a world without Google or Splenda – and they have not known a world with Princess Diana or Mother Theresa.

Student in a dorm room

They are future leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators, and on New Student Move-In Day, Aug. 27, 2015, they officially became part of Hiram College’s future and its rich history.

“Hiram is not just a place for you anymore — it’s part of you,” said Hiram College President Lori Varlotta, Ph.D., when addressing the new students during the official welcome program.

Students moving in stop to take a selfie using a selfie stick

The welcome program on Aug. 28 was part of New Student Institute, which kicked off with move-in day on Thursday. In between moving and getting their rooms set up, students took a few moments to commemorate the occasion by taking photos with their family members and new roommates. Residential Education staff were on hand to help students with the moving process and to answer questions as students excitedly prepared for their first taste of independence.

Later in the afternoon, students got to know one another by teaming up for field day activities which concluded with a dance off, followed by dinner and “mocktails.”

As New Student Institute continues through the weekend, students will attend their First Year Colloquium classes, compete in dodge ball, enjoy off-campus excursions and kick up their heels in the traditional square dance, among other activities.

Hiram Terrier mascot and students welcome families and students as they pull up to the tent in their cars

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Scenes from the Class of 2019’s meet and greet/dance party this afternoon! (Square dance is coming on Saturday!) #hiram2019 #moveinday #hiramcollege