Hiram College is pleased to announce the adoption of Notre Dame College’s Thrive Learning Center, as agreed upon through a memorandum of understanding, with plans to serve as the new location for the program following the closure of NDC at the end of the spring semester.

Thrive is a comprehensive fee-based support program set to empower students to succeed academically and socially by providing quality educational opportunities and support services above and beyond those required by law to individuals with documented learning disabilities that impact educational environments. Typical documented disabilities and learning differences include neurodivergent conditions, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities/disorders, mental health diagnoses, health related diagnoses, and disorders of executive functioning.

Operating under the pillars of academic services, progress monitoring, social and emotional support, and career development, Thrive goes above and beyond to ensure students succeed in their coursework. Benefits include unlimited 1:1 content focused professional tutoring; weekly check-in meetings; dedicated private tutoring spaces; assistive technology coaching; a proctored and accommodated testing center; teaching of self-advocacy techniques; major and career exploration; networking and job placement; and more.

As part of the agreement, all students currently enrolled in the program at NDC will be guaranteed acceptance into the program at Hiram following the same stipulations outlined in the NDC to Hiram teach-out agreement signed between the two institutions in February.

“Hiram College has long prided itself on our robust student support and engaged faculty,” said Jeffrey Swenson, Ph.D., interim vice president for academic affairs and dean of the College. “We are excited about how the Thrive Learning Center—with its excellent staff and learning support structures developed at Notre Dame College—will broaden what we can do for students. And we look forward to welcoming Thrive students to our campus; we can’t wait to see all they will contribute to the Hiram community.”

Hiram is also pleased to announce that Denise Brown-Triolo, Ph.D., program director for the Thrive Learning Center at NDC, will continue to lead the program at Hiram, making the transition to the College early this summer. Brown-Triolo has more than 20 years of professional experience working in academic settings with students and individuals with learning differences and other disabilities, 18 of them as a school psychologist. Before her time at NDC, Brown-Triolo served 10 years at Lawrence School as the director of student advocacy and support services and as a school psychologist.

“I am so happy to make this move to Hiram College and bring the services of the Thrive Learning Center to the Hill,” said Brown-Triolo. “Hiram College’s initiatives in neurodiversity and inclusion make it a perfect landing spot for the Thrive Learning Center. Thrive started as the Academic Support Center in 2005 with just four NDC students and has touched the lives of over 600 hundred students since then. I look forward to providing this opportunity to more students, so they can grow and succeed.”

To become part of Thrive, students must meet the same admission requirements as all other students seeking admission to the College. Students must also apply to the Thrive Learning Center and provide documentation of their diagnosis including how their diagnosis affects their access to education and learning.

Learn more about the Thrive Learning Center at Hiram College.

By Jenelle Sanders