Hiram College is pleased to announce it has exceeded its 2023-2024 enrollment goal, with 255 incoming undergraduate students following the fall census count. The number of students surpassed the College’s goal by 10% and demonstrated a 15% increase in first-year enrollment from the 2022-2023 academic year.  

“The team at Hiram has worked tirelessly this recruitment cycle, and I am incredibly proud of the collaboration between the enrollment offices, and the rest of the faculty, staff, coaches, and alumni to make these exceptional results possible,” said Andrea Welch, Ph.D., vice president for enrollment management and marketing. “It’s a true testament to the strong strategic recruitment and marketing strategy that the team put together, coupled with a focus on affordability, data-informed decisions, a student-centered approach, and strong support from our partners in athletics.”  

The exceeded goal marks the culmination of various positive trends for the College, including inquiries, visits, and applications growing steadily, with an increase in admits by 18.5% over 2022. Hiram also saw the highest number of transfer students since fall 2018, with a 12% increase over last year. Over the course of the year, the number of campus visits increased by 22% with 2,355 visitors both in-person and virtually. Hiram faculty spared 365 moments to meet individually with prospective students interested in their area of study and coaches met personally with prospective athletes over 1,000 times.

“At Hiram, we are known for our commitment to personalized outreach and student support throughout the entire enrollment process,” said Jana Willan, director of admission. “The work that we have done to ensure that processes flow smoothly and that touch points are more intentional for incoming students and families has been fruitful. The Hiram community is incredibly passionate about showing students all that we have to offer so that they can take that next step in life with confidence that they have found their perfect fit.” 

As part of Hiram’s strategic enrollment management approach, the College has placed specific focus on student financial services. With that, Hiram is intentionally aligning student financial aid packages based on student needs, and working individually with each student to ensure that they have the right financial plan. Every family approaches college with differing financial needs, but the College is proud to report that 100% of full-time on-campus students receive financial aid, including transfer students.  

The incoming class will feature students from across the United States and internationally, many though from where Hiram College has successfully drawn in the past, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virgina, New York, and California. 

By: Jenelle Sanders