Hiram College

Hiram College officials announced April 11, 2013, that the institution has exceeded a $10 million goal for its Endowment Initiative, a two-year effort established to increase Hiram’s endowment in support of faculty scholarship, financial aid, and academic programs. Just 15 months into the effort, Hiram has raised $11,113,000 in cash, pledges, realized bequests, and estate commitments. The initiative is part of a larger drive to increase Hiram’s endowment, currently at approximately $60 million, to exceed $100 million.

“We’re thrilled that our alumni and friends have stepped forward in support of the campaign,” said Pat Roberts, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations. “It is a reflection of the strong level of commitment our constituent groups have to ensure that Hiram College remains strong long into the future. In a challenging economic environment where most fundraising operations are flat or decreasing in attainment, we’re pleased to be able to exceed our Phase I goal with nine months left in the campaign.”

Equally impressive is the fact that of the $10 million raised in total attainment, nearly $2 million is in cash gifts to the college.

“Our goal for the entire two-year period in terms of cash gifts was $2.5 million,” said Roberts. “We feel very confident that we will be able to exceed the goal for cash into the endowment. These are transformative gifts our alumni and friends are making, and they help to secure the level of quality found in our academic environment. It is very heartening to work in an environment where your constituent groups have this level of engagement and affection for the institution.”

Funding provided to date provides support for faculty development, scholarly prizes, visiting scholars, scholarships, and community engagement.

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