Hiram College

Hiram, Ohio – Hiram College ranked high in a comparison of actual graduation rates in America’s top-tier liberal arts colleges, versus projections of what their graduation rates should be based on students’ previous academic achievement and social factors.

The comparison, by Postsecondary Education OPPORTUNITY, a respected Iowa-based educational newsletter, ranked Hiram 15th among 189 national liberal arts colleges, for actual, versus projected institutional graduation rates in its April issue. The data showed 10 percent more students were successful and graduated from Hiram than was projected, based on pre-enrollment academic performance and social factors.

Institutional graduation rates are an important measure of how well colleges and universities serve their students once enrolled, and indicators of students’ chances for success after graduation in the form of gaining higher earnings and employment.

PEO used projected rates based on enrollees’ SAT, ACT and other test scores, their secondary educational records, and their family and social circumstances such as parents’ educational and social backgrounds.

The study concluded that the difference between actual and projected graduation rates results from the way that some colleges help their students during their time in college, including use of proven “bridge,” and learning community programs, and how well faculties and staffs are trained and have sensitivity to the characteristics and needs of the students.

“Sometimes college rankings do little to help students and parents gauge how successful they will be,” said Hiram President Thomas V. Chema. “This new ranking shows our students perform much better than predicted by their ACT scores.”