Hiram College

To help eligible taxpayers save money this year, a group of Hiram College Tax Volunteers is again partnering with the Ohio Association of Foodbanks to offer free tax filing assistance through the Ohio Benefit Bank (OBB).

Free tax filing assistance will be available to most families with an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of $95,000 or less and without having Schedule C, D, E and F items. These schedule restrictions for married families also apply to eligibility for the service. Single or head of household filers with an AGI of $65,000 or less also are eligible for free tax filing assistance.

As another option, residents can also file their federal and Ohio state taxes for free through OBB with assistance from a trained Hiram College Tax Volunteer counselor. The OBB, an online service, connects Ohioans with more than 20 work support programs, including the Earned Income Credit, The Child Tax Credit, and various education tax credits.

Students who serve as Hiram College Tax Volunteers have been trained and exam-certified in income tax preparation by the Ohio Benefit Bank. They work under the close supervision of a Hiram professor from the Accounting and Financial Management Department. Hiram College has partnered with the OBB to bring this program to the public for the past six years.

To make an appointment with Hiram College Tax Volunteers, contact Javon Alexander at alexanderj@hiram.edu. Appointments for tax filing are available on Saturdays, February 10 through April 14, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Hiram College’s Kennedy Center basement.