Hiram College

terrier dog

Hiram College may have the toughest terrier in town, its terrier mascot, but the College is looking for five more top dogs. These incoming students each will receive one-time $1,000 Terrier Scholarships if they creatively convey their terrier affection through a photograph or video.

To apply, students must submit a picture or 15-second video of themselves with a terrier. Judged on creativity, submissions should show what makes terriers special: their fearless, fun-loving nature; their loyalty; their spunk; their friendship.

“The Terrier Scholarship is our way of paying tribute to our beloved Terrier mascot, emphasizing our Hiram College pride and rewarding prospective students for showing their creativity and drive to become Hiram students,” says Lindajean Heller Western, vice president of enrollment at Hiram.

Applications will be accepted until midnight EST, Saturday, Dec. 31. Winners, selected by a panel of Hiram media and photography specialists, will be notified and publicly announced in February 2017.

Eligible students must have applied, been accepted to and plan to attend Hiram College in fall 2017. While Hiram’s mascot is a bull terrier, the scholarship is open to entrants featuring any breed of terrier.