Hiram College is pleased to announce that Bachelor of Science in nursing graduates from the class of 2023 have achieved a 100% pass rate on the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). This accomplishment is a testament to the dedication and excellence of students and faculty in the nursing program.

“The class of 2023 has shown extraordinary commitment and determination. They have not only navigated the rigorous academic demands of our nursing program, but also adapted to the evolving challenges of completing their studies during a global health crisis,” said Dr. Sarahbeth Abalos, Ph.D., RN, CNE, nursing program director and assistant professor of nursing at Hiram College. “This achievement is more than a statistic; it demonstrates the heart and perseverance of our students, who never lost sight of their goal to serve as healthcare professionals.”

The NCLEX-RN exam is a required exam for nursing graduates that must be successfully passed in order to become licensed as a Registered Nurse. The 100% pass-rate on the NCLEX-RN exam reflects not only the graduates’ mastery of the comprehensive body of knowledge required for nursing but also their readiness to serve on the front lines of healthcare during complex and challenging times.

“Our faculty have worked tirelessly to adapt our curriculum, provide personalized support, and ensure that each student has the resources necessary to succeed,” added Dr. Abalos. “We are deeply invested in the success of our students, and this outcome underscores our collective commitment to excellence in nursing education.”

As our healthcare systems continue to be tested and the demand for skilled and compassionate nursing staff continues to rise, Hiram College is confident in its contributions to the field. The College produces top-tier nursing professionals ready to lead and grow within the healthcare community.

To our class of 2023, we extend our sincerest congratulations. Your dedication to overcoming obstacles and upholding the noble standards of the nursing profession inspires us all.

Class of 2023 Nursing Cohort:

Addison Angerman
Ashley Cameron
Ashley Hennen
Divine Iromuanya
Joy Ishekwene
Alexis Kasper
Emily Kazimore
Monika Kepa
Lauryn Olguin
Abigail Ries
Zachary Scalf
Samantha Thomas
Sarah Weintraub
Chloe Welch

By: Jenelle Sanders