As Hiram College’s earliest and most festive tradition, Sugar Day continues to demonstrate scholarship, showcasing students’ work, research, presentations, and academia. On April 4, 2024, the College celebrated another eventful Sugar Day, welcoming over 150 student presenters representing campus, with 17 events including musical and theatre performances, oral presentations, poster sessions, and a conference social. 

Sugar Day is organized by the Office of Scholarly Endeavors, a primary supporter and celebrator of student research, scholarship, and creative inquiry across the College’s many disciples and majors. The Office houses multiple, non-departmental, specific initiatives and programs that feature significant student research components or emphasis. It also aims to help faculty and staff integrate student research into their own on-going scholarship.  

Poster Session 

One of the most well-known and attended events was the poster session, where students from across the College present research posters. The poster session includes the Juried Art Show Exhibition, featuring the work of Hiram’s art and design students. 

Student presentations ranged in topics from “Purification of White-Tailed Myoglobin Utilizing Size Exclusion Chromatography” to “The Effect of Sheep’s Wool on Soil Ecosystems” and “How Sport Psychology Can Be Applied to Mental Health Amongst Firefighters.” 

Check out the videos below to hear from some of the students who presented their research at the Sugar Day poster presentation:

Thank you to the donors and visitors who supported Sugar Day, the donors who supported the research and internship opportunities of the participants, the families and mentors of our students, and all participants for their hard work and dedication! 

By Hannah Maxwell and Taylor Cook